For the beginning of
a good story.

Graphic Design
Kutjevo Winery is a food company that will take the place of the market leader in the segment of producers of top quality wines and food products, and a regional leader in the bakery product market.
  • Client: Kutjevo Winery
  • Year: 2019
  • Work: Graphic design

Wine culture
and tradition.

Kutjevo and Kutjevo wines are a symbol of Croatian wine culture and tradition since 1232.
The written history of wine production in Kutjevo is almost 800 years long. In 1232, one of the oldest wine cellars in south-eastern Europe was built in Kutjevo. The centuries of dedicated work resulted in the passion and knowledge that enabled the production of our famous wines.
Today, Kutjevo is a symbol of Croatian wine culture. Kutjevo is made up of its people, hardworking and skilful workers, technologists, and oenologists – all working with the same goal in mind, to make our lives pleasant and beautiful with a glass of wine that will open people’s souls and hearts, and create moments we will be happy to remember throughout our lives.
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Kutjevo Winery, from 1232.

Old tradition and good old friends.

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